Canyon Rescue practice

116/6/13: Early morning rise for the 8 HRT Attica members who are beeing trained for canyon rescue. Their destination is the Inahos canyon on Artemisio mountain. The weather is hot and dry and the landscape on the lush green Artemisio mountain meadows is great. Everybody was excited from the first few meters in the canyon. When we had covered half of it we declared it a great canyon. More than 40 abseils using canyon belaying techniques, some exposed traverses, short slides and small jumps.

The canyon has not a lot of water since its the middle of June. The highest waterfall is 30 meters. It took us 8 hours to go down the canyon, we were not really in a hurry (entrance at 10:15, exit at 18:15) The total activity time was 16 hours (06:00-22:00). The training was successful and enjoyable.

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Inahos canyon is on Artemisio mountain and is the first part of the river Inahos that flows through the city of Argos. Water flows in the canyon all year long and it is easily accessible. It' only a 15 minute walk to get to thew entry point and you can park your car by the exit point. Its length is 1700 m. and the altitude difference is 400 m. The canyon was spotted in August 2011 by the Loutraki Mountaineering Club and was explored on 22/10/2011 by a team of eight, including George Georgiadis, member of HRT Attica.

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Γενική Γραμματεία Πολιτικής Προστασίας
International Maritime Rescue Federation


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