Missing Person at the coast highway, Athens - Sounion

On 18/12/13 we were informed by the Coordination Center of the Coast Guard for Search and Rescue, for a private vehicle that had diverted from its course and dropped at a cliff on a rocky area in the 56th kilometer of the coast highway Athens - Sounion and was found empty on the rocks next to the sea.

Our team was mobilized immediately and initially performed  a Search on the rough cliff terrain were the car was founded, but no luck. A second team with a rib vessel performed Search from the sea, covering the area between Patroclos and  Arsida islands and the corresponding shoreline. Our team during this mission cooperated, coordinated and communicated with all vessels and units from the Coast Guard and the Greek police. Unfortunately we did not find the victim driver.

Coast Guard Press release: (In Greek) http://www.hcg.gr/node/6549
Γενική Γραμματεία Πολιτικής Προστασίας
International Maritime Rescue Federation


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